Rules \ Правила
  • No tips or critics for my art or tools please. \ Никаких советов или критики по моей работе, пожалуйста.

  • Links in chat are denied. \ Ссылки в чате запрещены.

  • Tips about improvement of my twitch channel are welcome. I'm a noob here. \ Советы по улучшению моего канала приветствуются, я тут полный нубас.

  • Q: What program and tablet do you use?
    A: MangaStudio (lineart) and PS2018(color),Wacom Intuos5 M

  • Q: What are you drawing?
    A: My own comic, characters or commissions. Exact theme is on top of the video.

  • Q: Do you have special art education?
    A: Yes, but it didn't help me, lol :D All my skill and progress I have now has been farmed by 4 years of self-education.

  • Q: Do you have any tutorials or lessons? 
    A: Nope, I'm very bad at teaching and I still need to learn more things myself.

  • Q: Can I request your critics or help for my art?
    A: I'm thinking about this point. May be it will be available with donations.

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